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Philosophy in Economics, 2e éd.

Crises or theories which are belied by facts, the various criticisms made of economic science cannot be extraneous to the historical and philosophical trajectory of the discipline. The understanding of the modern fate of economics provides the keys to its future.

37.00 € 

The Ethical Challenges of the Soldier

When a soldier engages in warfare, he enters a world that borders on absolute evil and has nothing to do with everyday life. He is confronted by real issues of conscience, the solutions to which are not to be found in military regulations.

23.00 € 

Climate economics in progress 2011

Panorama des actions entreprises dans le domaine de la lutte contre le changement climatique : acteurs majeurs comme la Chine....

25.00 € 

The Social Economy of Freedom

This book provides a theory of the economic Subject (Part I) and offers a general analysis of the theoretical and practical issues of economic freedom (Part II).

27.00 € 

Money, Memory and Asset Prices

In this book, prominent economic researcher Pascal Blanqué offers his theory on the effect of memory on the economic cycle and provides an analysis of stock market phenomena and their dynamics.

19.00 € 

Tomorrow's War

In Asia, in Africa and to the gates of Europe itself, war has returned in strength and in new guises whilst the planet continually rearms. Still hoping for a peace dividend, or even thinking that this is a definite given, would be a dangerous mistake; the violence that flares up and rumbles, seemingly far from our shores, is not, in effect, halted by the old barriers.

18.00 € 

Finance & sustainable development

Economic and financial considerations are often perceived as being antithetical to environmental concerns. Is it possible to reconcile economic development and growth with preservation of the planet and its resources?

28.00 € 

Applied Geography for the Entrepreneurial University

Declines in public support for universities throughout the world have prompted administrators and policymakers to seek alternative funding.

27.00 € 

Deciding in the dark

Recent military operations have demonstrated that even the most sophisticated twenty-first century technologies do not enable commanders to be perfectly informed, to act with certainty, to prevent disorder, or to avoid unforeseen situations.

15.00 € 

The use of artillery in counter insurgency operations

Drawing on dozens of operational vignettes, the book demonstrates that a counter insurgency can be won using innovative tactics; such as faints, rouses and deception along with more traditional methods like destruction, harassment and isolation. Although often underutilized in the former, the Artillery proved itself to be ruthlessly effective when employed in an asymmetric manner.

15.00 € 
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